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Power Tools

Power Tools


There are things you have to consider before buying a power tool. Some of the important factors you need to take into account include the cost of buying as well as using various forms of power tools, quality of the tool, safety rating and its feel in your hands. In addition, you need to know why you are buying the power tool and its features. Do not buy the first power tool that you find at the local store until you read its review. In the discussion below, we have looked at eight power tools that everyone should have

Makita BDF452HW 18volt cordless drilldriver1. Makita BDF452HW 18-volt cordless drill/driver
With the increased power tool usage, Makita BDF452HW is one of the tools that everyone needs in his or her home. The gadget is highly versatile in that you can use it to perform several tasks in your home. The device has the ability to deliver up to 450lbs of max torque and weighs 3.5 pounds making it easily portable. The drill can enables you to avoid stripping screws as well as power through different types of materials without any difficult. It comes with a meal transmission that enhances on its durability. In addition, its kit has two batteries and charger that can charge the device in less than 15 minutes to allow you enough time to perform different tasks within your home.

2. Hitachi C10FCH2 10” Miter saw with laseHitachi C10FCH2 10 Miter saw with laser

If you have been thinking about redoing your decks, molding crowns or chair rail then you should consider the idea of buying a miter saw and Hitachi C10FCH2 is simply the best. At 25.6 pounds, Hitachi C10FCH2 is the lightest miter saw on the market. it has laser marking system that will help to measure twice then simply cut once.



sander3. Portable-cable 342-sheet palm sander

Using hands when it comes to sanding is not only time consuming but also boring. You can make sanding a walk in the park by buying this sander from any of the online stores right away. One of the features that will make you to fall in love with the device is the POREX dust canister used for trapping any form of dust generated during the sanding process. This is the best sander for someone with any form of allergy.


4. Milwaukee 6509-22 11 Amp SawzallMilwaukee 650922 11 Amp Sawzall

Are you looking for a demolition tool? If that is the case then Milwaukee 6509-22 is the right choice. The strong blades that accompany the devices enable it to cut through anything. Although we have cordless models, we recommend that you stick on this model for demolition purposes.

Shop Vac 962-1600 16Gallon Vac


5. Shop- Vac 962-16-00 16-Gallon Vac

Cleaning your place of work can be one of the most daunting tasks especially when you do not have the right tools for the same job. Shop- Vac 962-16-00 is the best device for keeping your work area, car as well as garage clean without any hassle. The vacuum cleaner has a 6.25 horsepower and other accessories such as extension wands as well as nozzles that will enable you optimize your cleaning.



6. Wobble light WL500H Self-righting work lightWobble light WL500H Selfrighting work light

Although some people do not find it strange working in the dark, you can make your work place more attractive with this lighting system. The virtually indestructible illumination offered by the light will make it easy to work in areas with dim light.



Sawstop contractor table saw7. Sawstop contractor table saw

Available in different sizes as well as configurations, the table saw is not only safe but also versatile. Its ability to create relatively long and straight cuts makes it one in its own class. The saw is also very durable hence; you will not waste your money all in the name of buying a table saw every now and then.



8. Dewalt DW366 7.25 “Heavy duty circular saw with electric breakDewalt DW366 7.25

A circular saw is one of the best companions for any woodworker. Choosing Dewalt DW366 will the best decision anyone working on wood can make. The device has the ability of making cuts up to 50 degrees. Its features aluminum alloy making it durable. The electric brake system helps in enhancing on the safety of using this saw on different projects within your officer or home.


In conclusion, power tools are very important in our daily lives. These types of tools make work easy by helping us to save time and effort needed when working on various projects. One of the best places where you can find great deals for power tools is online. With many online stores selling power tools, you have no reason to walk up and down the busy streets wondering where you can buy a drill or any other power tool.

Mechanic’s Tools

Mechanic’s Tools

Mechanic Tools

A mechanic is professional that can be described in many different ways.

One, a mechanic is a person who repairs and maintains machinery or motors. A mechanic can also be described as a person who is skilled in the handling of the tools, machines and various equipment. The mechanic tools are creating large influx to the realm of multi-tools that is occurring nowadays in our ever evolving world or globe.
There are many different types of mechanics and each mechanic has a place or field of specialization. Based on the field of specialization, we have got different types of mechanics. These are auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, boiler mechanics, general mechanics, industrial maintenance mechanics, air conditioning mechanics, refrigeration mechanics, aircraft mechanics and tank mechanics.

These various mechanic’s positions vary as much in skill set as they do in the money they make. For instant, a general mechanic working on my car would make a lot less than say, an airplane mechanic, or a mechanic on an aircraft carrier.

The mechanic tools are the integral assets in carrying out the various works of a mechanic. All these different types of mechanics have got different types of tools that they put in use in their various work places. The mechanics have got the required abilities to properly select, use, handle, and care for the hand and power tools made available for him or her to use in his or her performance of work allocated. The mechanic tools are very much available in the market for quick purchases.

There are many types of mechanic tools from different manufacturers. So during purchasing of the mechanic tools one has to be very careful and put into consideration a lot of factors like the quality of the tools, the materials used to make the tools, the price of the tools, hardness of the tools and the durability of the tools in general. The careful selection of the mechanics tools enables the mechanics to acquire the most genuine tools in the market that will last for longer and be able to withstand any type of work without any breakdown of the tool. Quality mechanic tools make the mechanic’s workshop and car repair more efficient, easy and fast.

The mechanics tools are very many in number but among these tools are wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, breaker bar, headlamp, multi-meter, and jack, among others. All this tools have got their specific uses as they are all different in their own kind. The hammers have got various designs and are designated according to weight without the handle and style or shape. The hammers are mainly used for hammering and striking purposes where required to do so. The wrench is a basic tool that is generally used to exert a twisting force on bolt heads, nuts and studs. The best wrenches are made of a material that is resistant to the power of rust. The material is known as Chrome Vanadium steel.

There are also the metal cutting tools like the snips and the hacksaw. The snips are used to cut thin sheets of metals into required pieces. The hacksaw is also a cutting tool used to cut metals that are too heavy for the snip to cut. The chisel is another tool used for the chipping or cutting of metals. The drills are used for making holes on the pieces of metals. The other common tool is the Pliers which can perform so many different mechanical operations. The most common function of the pliers is holding and gripping small objects or articles in situations where its impossible for the hand to hold. The screwdriver is used to tighten or loosen the screws in the specific machine being worked on.

The most common or popular mechanic tools are the pliers, screwdriver, hammer, jack, wrench, ratchets, and chisels. This popular mechanic tools are mainly used by mechanics to perform the common and basic mechanical functions and operations in a workshop. The typical mechanic tools like the hammer, screwdriver, chisel, pliers are gradually evolving into what we now call mechanical multi tools. The evolution of these mechanic tools is taking at a very fast rate and is also taking wild turns inside advent of the new engineering from around the whole globe.

There should also be a great realization to the whole globe not mechanics only, that a good tool box can inspire you or anyone to do a lot of good work with mechanic tools. These mechanic tool are integral in steering development in the technological world at large.

Some of the Basics

Some of the Basics

Basic Tools

Toolset determines the efficiency of any mechanic. Skills and knowledge would find no purpose devoid of toolset. Any type of mechanic needs a particular set of tools to deal with work for most part. We have taken up the task of making initial investment easy to manage for beginner level mechanics through our detailed introduction to basic mechanic tools. We have compiled the list of the most basic tools here, which would aid professional mechanics and weekend home mechanics too.


Even beginners and amateurs have wrenches in their tool box. Nevertheless not everyone has the required quality set like professionals. If you live in the west side of the world, consider buying the Craftsman set. Firstly it has better quality and secondly they come with lifetime warranties. If you are still doing the constant debate of choosing between metric and standard sets, remember standard sets hardly come to use.


safety-glassesSafety Glasses:

Deceivingly, this is the most needed tool for DIY mechanics as well as professionals. You would not want to take chance with your good vision. When in doubt opt for high impact safety glasses over basic impact ones. If you often work at hazardous settings, choose high impact goggles since they give better protection.



Assorted set of pliers


You would have known, how often needle nose pliers comes to the rescue in most DIY situations. If you deal with electronics alongside mechanics, you need pliers most frequently. From fastening a wire to gripping them to working on a dropped screw in tight space, you need to take out the pliers from your toolbox.




Flat and Phillips set screw drivers are the most basic tools in a mechanic’s toolset. You need an additional assortment of thickness and length as well. Different gauges makes you equipped for all sorts of repair and construction. For tight spaces, you need stubbed screwdrivers. It’s good to have Torx and flathead screwdrivers to the mix.



As barbaric as it may sound, hammer is still a handy tool any day. Knocking out a stuck component is what a hammer does most often than not. Ball Pein hammer is commonly used and is so effective at brake work. Rubber mallet is used to deliver a beating to the surface.




Cordless drills give you high levels of speed, portability and power to handle. In this century, the corded drills are replaced in almost every toolbox. Additionally clutches are available to disconnect drive mechanism when required.



combination squareCombination square:

It’s a precision tool which demands specific skillset and good eyes. This tool is highly versatile and totally accurate. Primary uses of combination square include marking, testing squareness around corners, etc.… While buying, test its accuracy by marking line at right angle to straightedge.



Spray Lube:WD-40

Most often than not, you get to deal with squeaking equipment as a mechanic. Spray lube comes in handy to fix such issues. It helps removing adhesives, loosening tight bolts and cleaning machine parts. There are tons of good spray lube products out there as many are their day to day applications. We would recommend Jig-a-loo or WD-40 lubes any day.


measuring tapeTape Rule:

Spring loaded measuring tape combines speed and compactness for elegant use. Press its tip at the point of intersection and roll north to measure height of ceiling. It’s strong enough to measure a few feet horizontally in air, when extended. The standard 25 feet model is sufficient for construction works. Though it’s effective, it’s compact to fit in your pocket.


wrenchesCombination wrench:

It would feel awesome to just own this kind of hybrid tool. It’s a peculiar combination where you have an open end on one side and box end on other. Its covered with shiny chrome and got no moving parts. It’s just a treasure to have this kind of tool in your toolbox.



With years of practice, you would notice frequently updating your tool set is mandatory. Skillful hands and efficient toolset is the key to success of any mechanic. Toolset pays for itself, when you learn how to use them. It would be useful to have the basic mechanics tools as a homeowner. Home repairs are often done the DIY way. If you put a little effort in learning the tools, saving a few thousands through the years is real prospect.


Hand Tools

Hand Tools

A hand tool is a machine for doing a particular job that doesn’t need a motor, but is powered only by the person using it. Some common tools include the hammer and mallet; for specific tools, calipers. Some hand tools are mounted on walls such as pencil sharpeners.

They are a big help when you cannot use electricity and when you do not want to drag a power cord around. The long and short of it is that every handyman needs good hand tools, whether he or she is an expert or has never held a hammer in his or her life.
Hand_toolsCraftsmen usually use hand tools in manual operations such as chopping, forging, chiseling, filing, sawing and many more.

Almost each kind of tool can be considered to be a hand tool, although lots of people who use it have modified and adapted these hand tools to power tools, getting their motive power from engines rather than from the power of the people. Some hand tools cannot be simply or safely transformed to power tools

Now before you even go to the store, think about what jobs you are going to need to do with your hand tools. That will influence what tools you need to buy and what will be the best tool for the job you plan on doing. Think not just about what jobs you will do in the near future, but also what jobs you foresee doing in the long-term as well.

Another thing to get ready before you shop is having a look at reputable tool brands out there. As with anything, spending a little more to get a more quality tool will save you lots of headaches in the future. A few great tool brands are: Craftsman, Mac, Snap On, Klein’s, Estwing (for hammers), and Channellock. This list is by no means comprehensive – the best way to find a quality hand tool is to go to the store and feel them out.

You will be looking for hand tools that are of good craftsmanship. You want something that will last and is not cheap. It is okay to go for a lower priced hand tool, but you do not want to have to replace the tool within a few weeks or months either. Find your balance of quality and price to get the best hand tool.

hammer pliersHere are some recommended hand tools you should have for your toolbox:

  1. hammer
  2. screwdrivers (both flathead and Phillips in varying sizes)
  3. socket wrench
  4. adjustable wrench
  5. Allen wrench set in different sizes
  6. level
  7. pliers
  8. shovel
  9. ladder
  10. utility knife
  11. hand saw
  12. scissors
  13. rubber mallet
  14. measuring stick

Keep your tools safe, secure, and out of the elements with a toolbox. It also will make it easier to cart around tools wherever you need them. You will spend less time looking for that screwdriver if you know it always is in your toolbox. On that note, take the time to clean out your toolbox every once in a while as well. Sometimes junk piles up in there and it can just be more clutter than anything else.

Now for hand tools that require different sizes and varieties, you should consider buying sets of these rather than the interchangeable bits. The reason is because the bits that screw into a handle (e.g. screwdrivers with a handle part and different screwdriver bits to go in it) can wear down faster than a solidly built screwdriver.

Another word of advice about a specific hand tool, the hammer: you want to get a heavier one to allow for more momentum when you are hammering stuff. A lighter hammer will mean you have to exert more effort to pound in nails. While this may not make a difference if you are only nailing a few nails into your walls here and there, this will make a big difference if you ever take on larger jobs.

You can buy quality hand tools online from various e-commerce sites that offer a wide range of home improvement tools. You can pay online using easy, safe and secure payment option such as net banking and credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can also avail the cash on delivery option. If you have any issues with your purchase, you can avail the easy return and replacement policies these sites offer.

Welcome to Tool Spotting

Welcome to Tool Spotting


Technology has made life easy for man. Unlike in the past where you had to use a lot of energy to cut wood, aluminum, steel or any other material, tools have simplified everything. We have tools for trimming grass, cleaning houses and taking measurements among other functions. If you have been looking for information on hand tools, power tools, mechanical tools or any other tool then you are the right place. On our website, we have shared everything you need to know about all things tools. Some of the information that you will come across on our website while tool spotting include buying guides, reviews, different types of tools and maintenance tips for different tools just to mention a few of them.

Factors you should take into account when buying hand tools

Selecting the best hand tool can be one of the most daunting tasks especially when you do not know some of the leading brands as well as the things to look at. Before paying for any hand tool, ensure that you consider the following

• Purpose of the hand tool – The first that you should know is the kind of work you want to perform with the tool. This will make it easy to select a tool recommended for that particular task by the manufacturer. Using a wrong tool for any job is likely to damage the tool or injure you. Furthermore, you should consider the intensity of the task since some tools perform the almost similar jobs such as a knife and an axe.

• Cost – The cost of the hand tool is yet another important factor that you cannot afford to ignore. However, as you move around looking for cheap tools ensure that you do not compromise with the quality. Why should you buy a cheap tool that will not last for years? Budgeting will help you acquire the right hand tool without going beyond your means.

• Technicality of the tool -We have some tools that are very simple such that anyone including children can use while others require some skills. For instance, anyone can drive with the help of a hammer but not a screwdriver. In the process of buying, consider the users of the tools so that you do not buy something that will give them a hard time.

• Visual appeal- You can easily tell whether the tool is good or not by simply looking at it even before examining its features. Go for a tool that is not too heavy or too light for to handle when working.

Note: You need to put into consideration all the above factors in order to minimize the cost as well as risks that come with the use of hand tools.
Ten hand tools that every workshop should have

  • 25” retractable tape measure- A well-equipped workshop should never lack a 25” retractable tape measure. A good 25” retractable tape measure should feature a locking mechanism. in addition it should have metric markings and a loose hook at its end to enable you take accurate measurements when using the tool.
  • Claw hammer- You may have heard or used a hammer at one point in life. Although we have different types of hammers, the claw hammer is among the most versatile type of hammers. in the process of buying a claw hammer, go for one that is not very heavy as well as feels good when you hold it in your hands. You can choose one weighing 20oz or less.
  • 6 “layout square- This is the fastest as well as easiest tool that you can use to mark squares then you should buy 6 “layout square. In addition, you can use this hand tool to mark an angle as small as 45 degrees or a distance of six inches. Most users prefer keeping this tool in their back pocket when working so that they can access it easily where necessary.
  • Utility knife -A utility knife has a locking mechanism and it uses disposable razors making it highly versatile. You can use a utility knife for cleaning up the hinge mortise or making a mark on the various pieces of wood in your workshop.
  • Chisels -A finely shaped type of chisel is great for cleaning any waste from the joints as well as mortises. You can buy chisels measuring 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1” in terms of the width.
  • Sliding bevel -There is no big difference between the sliding bevel and a square except the fact that you can adjust it to various angles and then lock it with the locking mechanism. This tool is very useful especially when you have to duplicate an angle.
  • Nail sets -A nail set resembles a small and round chisel but helps in sinking nail head just beneath the piece of wood. Three different sizes of nail sets is not a bad choice for a good woodworker.
  • Level -The only to determine whether a piece of stock is vertical or horizontal is by using a level. You can have a long and short level within your workshop for different tasks.
  • Screwdrivers- You should have a flattened or Philips screwdrivers measuring 1, 2 and 3” to take care of different needs within your workshop.
  • Block plane -The block plane is another hand tool that you need in your workshop. The gadget helps to shape, curve and flatten wood. Some woodworkers use it to add chamfers to ease the sharp edges of the wood.

Where can you buy tools?

Gone are the days when you had to walk up and down all in the name of looking for a store that stocks power tools, hand tools, mechanic tools or any other tools, thanks to online shopping. Whether you want to get the cheap tools or discount tools, simply check with online stores. Do not rush when buying tools online because we have a few dealers that are likely to offer you with low quality tools. Instead, take time and compare various deals before making the finals decision. Some of the best online stores that will rarely disappoint include the Amazon, Walmart as well as EBay just to mention a few of them. Some of the online stores allow customers to use coupon when shopping hence enabling them to save more money.

Top 8 power tools that you should have

  • Bosch PSB 10.8 LI-2 cordless hammer drill driver
    Bosch PSB 10.8 LI-2 cordless hammer drill is a powerful as well as solid drill that you can easily manage. The drill comes with a separate function that allows drilling during masonry work and a LED light that makes it possible to perform your work in the dark without injuring yourself. Its diameter drill in wood, steel and masonry are 20mm, 8mm and 6mm respectively. Furthermore, the hammer drill weighs 1kg making it easily portable.
  • Karcher Eco beast
    Karcher Eco beast is a pressure washer used for preparing different surfaces before performing tasks such as varnishing. The device helps in removing grime and mould from the surfaces. The device has a 3000W motor with a water cooling system to enhance on its tool life and performance. The machine features water filters for preventing any dirt particles from causing damage to the tool. The 600liters/ hour rate of flow makes this machine very effective in cleaning.
  • Dremel 8200 cordless multi-tool
    Dremel 8200 cordless multi-tool is one of the best tools for demanding DIY tasks. The powerful motor that accompanies the device enables it to perform a wide range of tasks including grinding and cutting. It has 2 attachments and 45 accessories that enhance on its effectiveness. Whether you want to work indoor or outdoor, Dremel 8200 cordless multi-tool rarely disappoints.
  • Bosch GOP25OCE 250W Multi-cutter 240V
    Bosch GOP25OCE 250W Multi-cutter 240V features a 250-Watt motor that allows for constant work progress. In addition, it has rubber coated handles for comfort while the extensive range of accessories offers users with several solutions. The integrated ball grommet helps in increasing on the flexibility while at the same time preventing the cables from breaking down when working with the gadget.
  • Draper expert 03287 18V cordless combination hammer drill with 2 NICD batteries
    The hammer drill comes with a powerful Johnson 700 motor for effective drilling. The motor has spindle lock that allows for easy bit change. The soft grips handles makes the devices easy to use. The variable speed controls, two gearboxes as well as a 24-position torque control are some the other features that will make you enjoy using the hammer drilling at your workshop. When it comes to storage and transportation, the hammer drill has a carrying case hence offering you with the best work experience when compared to any other drill on the market.
  • DeWalt DCD795D2 Compact brushless hammer drill driver
    The device uses a brushless motor technology that makes it more efficient. The ultra compact as well as lightweight design of the gadget allows you to use it in confined areas. The two speed type of metal transmission increases on its runtime as well as longer tool life. The hammer and drill driver features adds on the versatility of the tool. For consistent driving of the screws, the gadget has 15-position torque control that you can easily adjust according to your needs. The improved ergonomic design and rubber grip offers users with more comfort when working with the tool.
  • Makita palm sander 240W
    Makita palm sander 240W features the precision-engineered bearing construction that reduces on the noise as well as vibration when the operating the machine. The palm grip design made from rubber offers ultimate operator control and comfort. The ease to use and large clamps allows for proper and faster paper installation. The strategically located on/off switch makes it possible to use one hand when operating the palm sander. Finally yet importantly, Makita palm sander 240W has a pad dust collecting system that makes it possible to have a clean working environment.
  • RAGE3- 210 mm multipurpose sliding mitre saw
    The extremely portable saw applies the Evolution RAGE technology to offer clean and fast cutting operation in steel, aluminum, plastic and wood among others. The saw weighs 10.1kgs and has a 12-month warranty. You will not experience any sparks or burr when cutting through different materials including steel with this saw.

Things to consider when buying used tools
Not all people can afford buying new tools hence most of them prefer second hand tools. There are things you need to take into account in order to buy quality tools. Some of them include the following:

• Examine the power cords- Heavily used tools often come with power cord issues. Therefore, before you shop for any second tool, ensure that the power cord is working properly. In addition, take time and look at the place where the cord attaches itself to the tool. Make sure that the cord tool has a properly fixed cord before paying for the tool. This will save you the cost of buying another as well as the replacing the cord every now and then.

• Look at the touch parts – Touch parts on tools include grips, handles, grips as well as the adjustment levers. In the event the parts look worn out, then the tool may not the best for your workshop. However, we do not mean that you cannot buy such a tool. Alternatively, you can ask the dealer to offer with a good price so that you fix the touch parts later on.

• Carefully look at the surrounding -Although many people will go straight at the tool, the surrounding is very important. When buying the tool, it is good to visit the home or workshop of the person selling the tool so that you examine the conditions. If the dealer has a well organized home then most probably the tool is functional.

• Test the tool- Testing a power tool will help to determine whether you can buy it or not. Listen to the motor of the tool as it runs. In case the tool does not work then the price should reflect the risk you are taking. There is no need to spend more money to shop for a tool that will require immediate repair when you can get a new one.

In conclusion, if you want to know the best power tools, mechanical tools, hand tools or any other type of tool simply check on our website. We have reviews, buying guides, maintenance tips and any other information that you need.